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About me

Hi, I'm Lukas Robitschko, 34 years old and currently I live in Frankfurt, Germany. At the age of three I moved to Moscow, where I discovered my love and passion for the movement.

At the age of 11 I started to break (breakdance). When I came back to Germany in 2003 and gained some years of experience in the scene, at competitions and performances, I noticed that learning and exchanging ideas from and with other dancers in particular gave me fulfillment and enabled me to realize myself and my style.


In the years that followed I began to travel, first nationally, then internationally, to build up a network of dancers who corresponded
to my way of thinking and my dancing approaches. An important milestone in my artistic career was when I got to know the dance collective “99Flava” from Thailand in 2011. What was fascinating for me about them were the incredibly large, almost unlimited movement horizon and freedom in their movements. I started learning from them, became part of the collective in 2012 and specialized from this period to fluid and free movements on

the ground.


Over the years, my personal interest and the great pleasure in passing on my knowledge and experience has grown more and more. It is my passion and means something to me to be able
to help people of all ages around the globe and to accompany and support them in their dance/artistic career.


Previous cooperations:

  • HfMDK Frankfurt

  • DPM Mannheim

  • Olympia State Team Breaking Hessen

  • City of Frankfurt, Germany

Achievements in dance, among others:

2005 - 1st place Flying Steps: Snipes Tour in Frankfurt

2011 - 1st place O2 Media College Days Battle in Mannheim

2012 - 1st place King of the Streets in Ingolstadt

2014 - 1st place Slaughterhouse Battle in Dornbirn, Austria

2015 - 1st place Mainhatten Cypher 7toSmoke in Frankfurt

2015 - 1st place Living Hip Hop International Battle in Munich


Appearances/ shows, among others:

2010 - German Bowl Football Final Show

2011 - Frankfurt Skyliners Basketball Halftime Show

2011 - Opening act for Treysongz

2012 - Opening act for Method Man and Redman

2013 - Showcase with Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) at the

JustWhite! Party in front of 30,000 people

2022 - Solo piece "ren go ku"


Educational courses, among others:

2013 - Musicality Workshop with Dj Renegade & Timber (UK)

2015 - Footwork Workshop with Focus (Finland)

2015 - Breaking History Workshop with Ken Swift (USA)

2016 - Creativity Workshop with Pongsakorn Malaiwong (Thailand)

2018 - Breaking Workshop with Mauro Mardones (Sweden)

2021 - Weekly Tai Chi lessons with Rolf Weber in Frankfurt

2022 - Rehabilitation workshop at Urban Dance Health  


Workshop leaders, among others:

2013 - Creativity Workshop for "The Urban Living" in KL, Malaysia

2015 - 2016 dance teacher International Munich Art Lab in Munich

2017 - Collaboration workshop with Gonza (Thailand) in Frankfurt

2017 - Today: Breaking Course for Kids in downtown Frankfurt

2020 - Breaking Workshop at Ballhaus, Freiburg

2020 - 2021: Trainer for dance, fitness and mobility at the TG Bornheim in Frankfurt (largest mass sports club in Germany)

2021 - Groundmovement workshop for the Olympic Team Breaking Hessen

2022 - Today Teacher for "Groundmovement" at HfMDK Frankfurt

2022 - Today Teacher at DPM Mannheim

2022 - Groundmovement Workshops for:
Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, Olympic Team Breaking Rheinland-Pfalz,
Vibez Frankfurt, Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt,

In tha space München, Tanzetage, and more

2023 - Groundmovement Workshop for: D Maniac Studio Bangkok, The Zoo, Bangkok, Staatstheater Darmstadt


Judging, among others:

2010 - Street Art Festival 5 in Frankfurt

2010 - Motionz Battle 5th Element in Darmstadt

2010 - Jakarta Street Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia

2010 - Twin to Win Festival in Lodz, Poland

2012 - Stay Fresh "Kids Edition" in Mannheim

2015 - Risk Battle in Feldkirch, Austria

2016 - Junior Magic North in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

2016 - Champion the Best Vol. 12 in Munich

2016 - Rock da Jam Battle in Mainz

2018 - Stand up to get down battle in Dortmund

2020 - Have a Break in Bangkok, Thailand

2022 - Sankofa Summer Jam in Munich

2022 - Hessian Breaking Championship

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