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What is Groundmovement? 

Groundmovement stands for horizon-broadening and creative movement on the ground. The special feature is the comprehensive application possibilities in different dance and movement styles. The "Groundmovement" program supports enthusiasts of all kinds to expand their individual movement horizons, to build up movements through qualitative and structured techniques, to promote personal creativity in a targeted manner and to enable free, concept-rich and fluid movement on the floor.

At the same time, this approach is suitable as a healthy and step-by step introduction for beginners and anyone who wants to engage
in mental and physical activity.


With the help of detailed and systematic instructions and the application of movement patterns and creative concepts, we build together a foundation of movements and knowledge that allow
you to move freely on the ground and incorporating those movement into your style. Through the step-by-step introduction, your body awareness develops and together we work out the movements that suit you best and fit your body.


To this day, dancers, movement coaches successfully translated

my approaches and techniques into their areas.

  • Extension of the movement horizon and mobility

  • Higher awareness of body and mind

  • Mindfulness for your body

  • Methodical/playful development of movements

  • Development of a sustainable understanding of movement

  • Targeted extension of personal creativity

  • Qualitative, concept-rich and free movement on the floor



Groundmovement philosophy

  1. Step by step to freedom.

  2. Build on a solid foundation.

  3. Play like a kid, to grow big.

  4. Slow and clean, instead of fast and messy. Take your time.

  5. Use your mistakes.

  6. Creativity emerges from methodical work.

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