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Workshops are a compact and intense experience and are perfect to delve into matter. They include topics such as
the expansion of the movement horizon, the connection of individual movement elements and the targeted promotion
of personal creativity in order to gradually build up free movement on the floor.  

The workshops are for beginners, advanced and offered
to professionals.

Upcoming workshops

22.03. Colonge

20.04. Darmstadt

27.04. Frankfurt


Point Zero

(Beginner workshop)


• Preparation and build-up exercises

• Develop a feeling for your own body

• Experience a feeling for movement

• First ground movement patterns

• Connections established between the movements.

Delve Into Matter

(Advanced workshop)


• Intensified preparation and build-up exercises

• Working with and developing your own Groundmovement patterns

• Introduction to working with creative concepts

• Beginning of "Flows & Connections" (aesthetic connection of individual elements)

Flow State

(Professional workshop)


• Methodical work with Ground-movement patterns

"Construct & Deconstruct method"

• Apply creative concepts (creative development of movement)

• Promotion of the individual styles and forms of movement of the participants

• Intensification of "Flows & Connections" (aesthetic and conceptual connection of individual elements)

• Meditation in motion

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